Family Law – Finding Good Lawyer


Family law is the term given to law practice field as a family lawyer. The issues that most lawyers consider involve legal relationships between and among spouses, children and domestic partners. The lawyer specializing in family law needs to have knowledge about a range of issues, from child custody problems, visit your parent, domestic violence cases, divorce, cases juveniles, property rights, support obligations, foreign relatives to adoption rights. However, family law may vary from state to state.

In family law, lawyers come across a number of different situations. In the property division cases such common understanding is the court divides property equally, but if you’re in Texas, where courts believe in “just and reasonable” attitude. They weigh both the state and the rights of the party and then give away the final decision. Sometimes if there is participation by children, the property could be divided unequally. If the case against us for divorce, Texas courts would first resolve the issue of property, child custody and support. This does not take very long, however, as they are doing at the same time. In lawyer speak, this is what they call the “no bifurcation”.

There are many ways you can get in touch with the Texas family lawyer, most common of which is online. There are a number of online directories that could give you the contact information of family lawyers in your area. You can also ask for referrals from your family and friends.

When looking for a lawyer, you need to take into account several factors, one of which is the area of ​​expertise of the lawyer. Check whether the lawyer you have in mind has a strong background in the field of problem. Keep in mind that family lawyers can indulge in different types of cases. Do not be ashamed to ask them how long they have been practicing family law, and if he or she has handled cases similar to yours and what the outcome was. Note also the policies they have in mind for your case. It is also advisable that you discuss finances with him or her before getting their services. This would include the mode of payment, hourly and miscellaneous expenses (phone calls, faxes, photocopies, etc.). So you have time to prepare yourself financially. Some lawyers would also allow you to negotiate directly with your spouse while some would even suggest that you undergo marriage counseling first. You should also keep in mind where you can get in touch with them in case of emergency.


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