Keystroke Recording Software – Is it legal



The keystroke recorder software is suddenly to be in high demand lately especially by parents due to the increase in predatory activity on the Internet is quite an effective tool for monitoring children myself, but it’s actually legal to use this software?

Keystroke recorder software can provide an added layer of security for your children, but it can also, because of its effectiveness, fall into the wrong hands become a major threat for small business owners or anyone who uses a personal computer to perform such tasks such as online banking.

Most keystroke type of software available in the market is quite low grades and no better than a simple toy. However, there are some programs that are incredibly elegant and powerful. For example some of the features of these more advanced software is that it can actually de-encrypt the encrypted passwords. Which means that if you share a computer with the employee and they are not honest, they “could” install this software on your computer in your business that you use to work on bank accounts and actually get access to sensitive password. Whats worse is that this type of software can be run in stealth mode. Simply press a keyboard short cut can application visible or completely invisible, which means that you would never be able to detect it even with spyware programs. The only defense against this is to set up your own keystroke software, so you (and they) will both know you both have the software installed. Since you own a computer, it’s time to call the bank and the police!

This is a concern and it is also not a legal use in the case of a dishonest employee. This keystroke recording programs made software, especially advanced professional versions have Lighthouses generally make it illegal and against the law to install the program on any computer or server that you do not unless you’re a law enforcement official or administrator. So in conclusion that they are legal to use, but only if you have the right to ownership or management duties to set up and run such software.


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